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Sep.24.2020 : New data - Density of molten Sc Data2019.04.26up!
Sep.14.2020 : Detailed measured data are available at Thermophysical property Database in NIMS.
Jun.10.2020: Paper(ESL) x6  » Publish
Apr.26.2019: Paper(ESL) x7・Oral(ESL)x 2  » Publish
Feb.22.2018: Paper(ESL) x4・Oral(ESL)x10  » Publish
Mar.08.2017: Paper(ESL) x3・Oral(ESL)x11  » Publish
Jul. 27, 2016 : An English version is now available.

Research Activities

[Electrostatic Levitation and related researches]

 » Thermophysical property measurements of high temperature melts
 » Structural analysis of high temperature liquids combining with high energy light sources
 »  Delevopment of the electrostatic levitation furnace for the ISS: Parabolic flight experiments
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[Development of microgravity experiment system (BOV) using high altitude balloon] (BOV:Balloon-based Operation Vehicle)

 » Development of microgravity experiment section
 » Operations of BOV
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Takehiko Ishikawa
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Takehiko Ishikwa

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